Fedoraproject Official Sina Weibo Updated

We have opened our Fedoraproject official Sina Weibo nearly two weeks. In these two weeks, I have seen so many Fedora users in our China come to communicate and interact with us. Our Chinese Fedora community also get some good ideas and comments for how to develop Fedora in our China. Our Sina weibo and our Chinese community are keeping getting warm as Fedora 15 will come very soon.

Today, I am so happy that with the help from Fedora Design Team, especially Maria Gracia Leandro Lombardo from FDT, we have make our official Fedoraprojet Official Sina Weibo as beautiful as we could.  We update new background picture and new avatar there, so that all of you could see that our Sina Weibo looks really awesome. After I updated background picture and avatar, I received more than 100 comment in our local Chinese IM group with the praise that our official Sina weibo looks really nice at present.

Here, I should say thank you Maria Gracia Leandro Lombardo for your hard design work and mess improvement, thank you Fedora Design team members for help us.

Please try to arrive at our official Sina Weibo and welcome all of you to comment with us.

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FedoraProject Official Chinese Twitter comes out!

As the Fedora Ambassador in China, I am so excited to annouce that with authorization from Fedora Legal Team, the help from Fedora Board, we have made FedoraProject official Chinese Twitter on line at the most famouse IT site Sina.com in our China. Now it has been verified by Sina corporation as Official Chinese twitter for FedoraProject.

Twitter site under Sina.com is the largest, the most popular and influencial Chinese local twitter site. Our Fedora Chinese user group had archived great goal for promotion of Fedora. I firmly believe that through this FedoraProject Official Chinese twitter, we could push more news, activities, ambassador things and etc. to our Chinese Fedora users and to who do like Fedora, who want to join Fedora as contributor.

I do appreciate the big push and help from Fedora Legal team, Tom, Jared Smith and the Fedora Team members who ever paid effort to make this official Chinese twitter out. Thank you all very much!

I am looking forward that we could do great progress of Fedora promotion in China with this official Chinese twitter, gain more Chinese contributors and ambassadors to join Fedora, and give a big push and make an excellent share for all kinds of Fedora things in China.

Don’t hesitate to visit our Chinese twitter as we will also make some English publish there. Feel free to contact us if you get idea or suggestion for our Fedora in China.

Please visit: http://weibo.com/fedoraproject   for FedoraProject Official Chinese twitter

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Fedora 15 China Event, We are on the way

Hello all,

I am so happy to inform all of you that Fedora 15 Event in our China had step into its last preparation period for getting all the Fedora related stickers, posters and icons ready. We will formally start to open Fedora 15 Launching Event on 13th, May with 3 sections.

The First Section  (13th ~ 20th)
Topic: Why you choose and love Fedora


Our Fedora Chinese community;

local Chinese twitter of Fedora China;

Twitter of FZUG

The Second Section  (21th ~ 29th)

Topic: Why you choose and love Fedora


Our Fedora Chinese community;

local Chinese twitter of Fedora China;

Twitter of FZUG

Candidate Reward: Fedora stickers, posters

Launching Day (24th)

Will arrange all main IT News site work with our Fedora Chinese Group to give a plenty of report of Fedora 15 launching.

The third Section (25th ~ 31th)

*Ambassador Recruiting

*Fedora 15 Party in Chongqing or Beijing

*Distribution of Fedora 15 CDs and DVDs

I will hope and welcome all of you go to participate and focus on our Fedora 15 Event in China. Let us keep Fedora 15 going on~!

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Announcing Fedora Chinese Blog

Hi all, this is Haowei.Lee from China. Now, I am an ambassador of Fedora project in China, and being chief administrator of Fedora Chinese community. I am very happy and excited to annouce here that we are launching a blog on wordpress.com for reporting all the news and events for Fedora things happened or processing in our China.

I am looking forward that we could give a big push for Fedora Chinese work and keep improving our Chinese ambassador work. At this time, I am in process of preparing an online event for Fedora 15 launching day on our Chinese local twitter with the expectation that we could let more Chinese linux users know What is and How about our Fedora Project.

As this is the first post for our Fedora Chinese blog, I would introduce all things we have had in our Fedora China.

Our NameFedora Chinese User Group (FZUG)

Our Site: http://www.fedora-zh.org

Our Chinese twitter: http://t.sina.com.cn/fzug

Our IRC Channel: #fedora-zh  on  irc.freenode.net

All of above would like to be a very brief introduction for our Fedora China. I will let all of you know more about our Fedora China in future.  Thank you for your focusing on us.

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