Announcing Fedora Chinese Blog

Hi all, this is Haowei.Lee from China. Now, I am an ambassador of Fedora project in China, and being chief administrator of Fedora Chinese community. I am very happy and excited to annouce here that we are launching a blog on for reporting all the news and events for Fedora things happened or processing in our China.

I am looking forward that we could give a big push for Fedora Chinese work and keep improving our Chinese ambassador work. At this time, I am in process of preparing an online event for Fedora 15 launching day on our Chinese local twitter with the expectation that we could let more Chinese linux users know What is and How about our Fedora Project.

As this is the first post for our Fedora Chinese blog, I would introduce all things we have had in our Fedora China.

Our NameFedora Chinese User Group (FZUG)

Our Site:

Our Chinese twitter:

Our IRC Channel: #fedora-zh  on

All of above would like to be a very brief introduction for our Fedora China. I will let all of you know more about our Fedora China in future.  Thank you for your focusing on us.


About Haowei

I am Haowei from China, generally a guy fell in love with Internet since 1996. I am paying effort to work for Twitter in Simplified Chinese also tried my best for Fedora in China as Fedora ambassador in China.


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