FedoraProject Official Chinese Twitter comes out!

As the Fedora Ambassador in China, I am so excited to annouce that with authorization from Fedora Legal Team, the help from Fedora Board, we have made FedoraProject official Chinese Twitter on line at the most famouse IT site Sina.com in our China. Now it has been verified by Sina corporation as Official Chinese twitter for FedoraProject.

Twitter site under Sina.com is the largest, the most popular and influencial Chinese local twitter site. Our Fedora Chinese user group had archived great goal for promotion of Fedora. I firmly believe that through this FedoraProject Official Chinese twitter, we could push more news, activities, ambassador things and etc. to our Chinese Fedora users and to who do like Fedora, who want to join Fedora as contributor.

I do appreciate the big push and help from Fedora Legal team, Tom, Jared Smith and the Fedora Team members who ever paid effort to make this official Chinese twitter out. Thank you all very much!

I am looking forward that we could do great progress of Fedora promotion in China with this official Chinese twitter, gain more Chinese contributors and ambassadors to join Fedora, and give a big push and make an excellent share for all kinds of Fedora things in China.

Don’t hesitate to visit our Chinese twitter as we will also make some English publish there. Feel free to contact us if you get idea or suggestion for our Fedora in China.

Please visit: http://weibo.com/fedoraproject   for FedoraProject Official Chinese twitter


About Haowei

I am Haowei from China, generally a guy fell in love with Internet since 1996. I am paying effort to work for Twitter in Simplified Chinese also tried my best for Fedora in China as Fedora ambassador in China.


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