Fedoraproject Official Sina Weibo Updated

We have opened our Fedoraproject official Sina Weibo nearly two weeks. In these two weeks, I have seen so many Fedora users in our China come to communicate and interact with us. Our Chinese Fedora community also get some good ideas and comments for how to develop Fedora in our China. Our Sina weibo and our Chinese community are keeping getting warm as Fedora 15 will come very soon.

Today, I am so happy that with the help from Fedora Design Team, especially Maria Gracia Leandro Lombardo from FDT, we have make our official Fedoraprojet Official Sina Weibo as beautiful as we could.  We update new background picture and new avatar there, so that all of you could see that our Sina Weibo looks really awesome. After I updated background picture and avatar, I received more than 100 comment in our local Chinese IM group with the praise that our official Sina weibo looks really nice at present.

Here, I should say thank you Maria Gracia Leandro Lombardo for your hard design work and mess improvement, thank you Fedora Design team members for help us.

Please try to arrive at our official Sina Weibo and welcome all of you to comment with us.


About Haowei

I am Haowei from China, generally a guy fell in love with Internet since 1996. I am paying effort to work for Twitter in Simplified Chinese also tried my best for Fedora in China as Fedora ambassador in China.

One Response to Fedoraproject Official Sina Weibo Updated

  1. tatika说道:

    was a pleasure 😀


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