About Me
Haowei, located in Chongqing,PRC which is a really modern,beautiful and mountain city. I graduated from English major of Sichuan International Studies university(SISU). At present, I am a professional English translator and interpreter focusing on fields of mechanism, machinery, military and IT etc.

My first time to fall in love with Fedora was some years ago when Fedora 5 come out. I could not stop my self buying that really beautiful Fedora 5 package when I saw it in the shop at that time, then, I put all of myself into Fedora.I went to participate Fedora things in China in 2007 with paying effort to Chinese community work and help its promotion. In 2008, that was my first time to be ambassador of Fedora project.

Please feel free to contact me by any way such as IRC, our Chinese community, my galk or the way you could let me know. I will get you back as long as I see your come.

Contact Information

IRC: Haowei @ Freenode.net always in #fedora-ambassadors  #fedora-apac  #fedora-zh

FedoraProject Ambassador : Haowei  Lee

My Fedora Steps

* Alpha: Fedora 5 — My first time to get fall in love with this OS

* Beta: Fedora 6~7 — Take further step to learn and explore what Fedora could be

* Milestone: Fedora X — I leava Fedora due to my personal learning and work abroad.

* Candidate: Fedora 15 — Back to Fedora again,paying effort for Fedora Chinese issues.

Fedora Ambassador

First time to be Fedora Ambassador in 2008 and focused with Chinese community and promotion work. Now, I go back to Fedora Ambassador again as I had one year leave due to my work. I am taking responsibility for FZUG (Fedora Chinese Users Group) and focusing on improve Chinese ambassador recruiting as well as Fedora marketing work in China.



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